Leadership Theory And Organizational Culture

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Abstract The role of leadership has evolved over the years. Early leadership theories focused on the characteristics of the leader and have shifted to focus on the leader’s behavior, skills and style. Emerging leadership theories continued to shift focus to team leadership and subordinate motivation. Organizational culture is exists in all organizations and influences the work environment. Researchers have studied leadership and organizational culture individually; however there have been less focus on gaining an understanding of the relationship leadership and organizational culture. In this paper, I will explore various leadership theories and relationship with organization culture. I will also reflect on the type of leadership style that promotes a positive organizational culture. Introduction Leaders set the tone for the organization while Organizational culture sets the values that influence the work environment. There needs to be some clarity on whether leadership influences organizational culture or does organizational culture influence leadership. In order to understand the relationship between leadership and organizational culture, we must first define them. Leadership defined Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. (Northouse, 2013). Leadership involves establishing clear visions, communicating the vision to followers, and developing strategies to achieve those goals. Leaders are
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