Leadership Theory And Practice Of Leadership Essay

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“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2010, pg. 3). Leadership has engaged in many practices throughout time. Leadership has been given great importance within organizations, since this can be done based on leader’s styles, making people more productive. From its beginnings, leadership has always been focused on the leader, in the style it handles and theories under which it is recognized. As I reflect on the information that I have learned about “Leadership Theory and Practice” I find it extremely important to see the application in real life. Therefore, I considered Mrs. Magana, to interview and go further with my curiosities about her leadership style. She has made a great impact through her path as a leader here in Fort Worth ISD. Mrs. Magana’s greatest assets are the followers that she has been given the pleasure of leading. She always will be the first to tell you that, without dedicated and committed team members who enthusiastically choose to follow, they can accomplish little. She also tells you that the best investment is the time she spent with her team members, time spent in learning about each team member 's wants and needs, time learning about each team member 's values and priorities. She uses this information to help each individual grow, she prioritizes each individual 's talents so that they are given the opportunity to excel and advance. Knowing this, I was inspired to

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