Leadership Theory And The Path Goal Theory Essay

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INTRODUCTION The goal of this literature review is to observe the different ways in which the field of leadership is developing along with the importance of its evolutionary path for theories, models, and different methods. Leadership focuses not only on the leader, but also on subordinates, peers, supervisors, work setting, and culture. Leadership has evolved over the years and we’re going to explore a few updated leadership approaches.
There are a few different leadership approaches that were discussed in this course. The leadership approaches I’ll be discussing are the trait, skills, style, and the situational approaches, as well as two leadership theories which are contingency theory and the path-goal theory.
In the early 20th century, leadership traits were studied to determine what made certain people great leaders. Researchers were looking to see if distinct leaders were born with special traits. The theories that were developed are called “great man” theories because they focused on identifying the innate qualities and characteristics possessed by great political, social, and military leaders. During this time, research concentrated on determining the specific traits that clearly differentiated leaders from followers (Bass, 1990; Jago, 1982).
Researchers have studied leadership skills directly or indirectly for a number of years (see Bass, 1990, pp. 97–109). This approach advises that effective skills and abilities can be developed. However, the motivation for
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