Leadership Theory : High Performance Working

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Leadership theory 2
High performance working 3
Leadership to facilitate HPW culture 4
Capacity and demand 4
Queuing and Capacity Management 5
Conclusion 5
References 6

"Leadership is a process by whereby an individual influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal" (Northouse, 2007, p3). Leaders influence other people to accomplish a goal or objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more coherent and cohesive. All these process are carried out by the leaders by using their leadership skills and knowledge which is called process leadership. While leadership can be learned, the knowledge and skills processed by them can be influenced by their attributes: such as values, beliefs, ethics and character. The process of leadership is directly contributed by knowledge and skills, while other attributes help the leader to develop certain characteristics that make them unique. Nursing management is seen as different profession with its own skills and special training. The person has to be able to handle everyday management as behavior is being integrated in the situation, the manager should be aware of the task in hand, system and their leadership profile. The greatest potential for success arise when managers combine all these in their leadership (LaMonica 1990).
In the given scenario, we are setting up an Eye Care Centre in Uganda to help the people with eye problems. The main objective
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