Leadership Theory : Leadership Theories Essay

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Two Leadership Theories Kendric Identify With. In another course, Organization Behavior & Communication, the author of this paper was asked to identify his leadership theory, one leadership theory the author identified with was the visionary leadership style. According to the article Leadership Styles, published in the Wall Street Journal, visionary leadership requires the leader to start the employee off. Leaders that fall under the visionary leadership styles, tend to give little direction and let the individual that is completing the task put a creative flair on the project (Wall Street Journal). Calia Robins, author of Characteristic of Visionay Leadership, states that all visionary leader have goals that they share, the goals are as follows: vision, organized learning, innovation, building relationships, and pioneering (Robins). Another leadership theory that I identified with was the directive leadership theory. A completely opposite of visionary leadership theory, directive leadership style requires the supervisor to set objectives for his or her staff and make sure they meet objectives their supervisor set. According to Shawn Grimsley of Study.com, the path-goal theory is needed understand the concept of the directive leadership theory.
The path-goal theory, is a set of rules that accompany the leadership theory. Coined by Martin G. Evans in 1970 and revised by Robert J. House, the path-goal theory calls for leaders to thoroughly describe assignments, things that…
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