Leadership Theory Of Leadership And Management

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Zohrab Mammadov
Dr. Betty Rottmann
Leadership Theory
January 30, 2014
Leadership vs Management
Leadership - concept has multiple meanings. It can be used in various activity where means something concrete. In a control system, in management leadership possesses a special role. Management in market economy is a management for the purpose of achievement of the highest efficiency of the organization, satisfaction of consumers, receiving the maximum profit. Respectively, each organization has a head who at the formal level interacts with employees, carrying out the purposes and the tasks set for the organization. At the same time, not each head of a certain organization is a leader. The leader is defined as the person having
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The idea of leadership penetrates all system of management: from planning before control. Employees first of all estimate business qualities of the manager on his ability to be the leader. Only the real leader can effectively operate people, rally collective, and direct it on the solution of the standing tasks.
The skilled manager - the leader - always acts according to a certain plan: defines the accurate purposes facing collective; will organize members of collective on the solution of the problems facing the enterprise; regularly discusses work progress; in every possible way encourages an initiative and creativity; welcomes openness in communication between people; delegates the subordinate of power; regularly controls subordinates and together with them works on correction of mistakes.
The main thing in work of the leading manager consists in trust of people to it. The trust is got by high professionalism and respect for people. There are many various opinions on shape of the modern leader. It is very difficult to make the image certain average, generalized. Nevertheless, it is possible to note a number of the qualities of the manager defining his ability to operate effectively to be the leader.
Qualities of the leader is an existence of essential signs or features in which he differs from other employees.
To the manager the nobility only a circle of the duties is not enough, to understand technology of work, its
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