Leadership Theory Vs. Model Of Leadership

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The current essay focuses on leadership practices. It is evident that one of the key strategies to gain success is the technique of developing leadership. Effective leadership practice helps to boost organizational performance. There have been many researches that are performed on leadership practices to understand its type, implementation and effectiveness in business. The scholars have mentioned that implementation of leadership theories and models could help the organization in developing organizational performances. However, those theories and models need to be implemented based on requirements or environments. It is necessary to learn about which theory or model of leadership contribute to develop organizational performance or…show more content…
Thereafter, conducting an extensive research, Janine implemented her first initiative of developing a business with a unique concept, which was entirely different than anything else in the world. Janine’s vision was to “do retailing differently” by providing unique experience to customers on the basis of “love of life philosophy”. It has been identified that Janine’s leadership style was natural, warn and extremely demanding, which further created excellent performance culture in her business.
Describing her approaches to leadership aligning with leadership theories With the unique leadership style implemented by Janine has benefited her in achieving organisational goals and objectives. In order to run the business more effectively first in domestic market Janine was concerned with expanding upon the Australian Boost business. The objective of implementing this strategy was to take control over the solid foundation, which has been created with Boost to gain the ability of bolting on new and large brands Von (Krogh, Nonaka and Rechsteiner 2012). This has built the confidence of increasing market share and growth. One of the most important factors found in Janine’s leadership approach was, she encourage people in doing the things that people love to do. A business is not all about earning profits become the one in the world as mentioned by Furman (2012). Thus, Janine Allis was concerned with fulfilling the needs and wants of people and through her
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