Leadership Theory X And Theory Y

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Leadership Theories
The concept of Transformational Leadership was initially introduce be leadership expert and presidential biographer James McGregor Burns (About, 2015). This type of leadership requires for leaders and followers to have a connection like no other where mutual respect and trust has to be the foundation of the working relationship. The idea is that in the end everyone results benefited in one way or another. A different approach on leadership is Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. Managers who get involved with Theory X believe that workers need to be constantly supervised. On the other hand, Theory Y suggests that employees themselves are well disciplined and have control as of how they will achieve their goals.
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My dad’s background as an accountant and my interest in the profession prevent me from wanting to continue my employment at my current location. In regards my peers, most of them also have ambitions. Some have decided to stay and build up their employment history with one employer instead of moving around every time work slows down. Others want to move up in the company and since opportunities exists, it has caught their attention and their efforts are centralized on achieving that goal. Throughout this course and for the purpose of this project, two styles of leadership from three different theories caught my attention. After deciding to look for a different working environment once I obtain an Accounting Degree, I plan to use a combination of two leadership theories to pass along the basic knowledge of our operations to someone else.
The first theory I will explain is called Transformational Leadership. According to Krishnan (2004), Transformational Leadership consists of four factors – charisma or idealized influence, inspirational leadership or motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. On his article he explains that the relationship between leader and followers and their purposes can begin with both parties feeling completely unrelated to each other. That being said, constant communication and daily interaction allows for any negative gaps to slowly close and have the participants realize that everyone needs
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