Leadership Through Curricular Reform in Music Education

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Introduction Curriculum reform requires that all teachers become teacher leaders. "This involves a commitment on the part of all to lead as experts in their subject area, their classrooms, and in the vision and mission of the school/district" (Hill, 2006, p. 178). Each teacher, especially the music educator, has to be an advocate for their subject within the curriculum. As the music curriculum is currently changing, the music educator should be aware of the issues that are being revised. Arts Integration Most music educators realize the need for integration of music into other areas of the school curriculum but do not understand the effort that goes into forming an integrated lesson plan. When incorporating music into another…show more content…
Rehearsal logs, a common form of assessment, correspond to assessment as learning and assessment of learning. Modern music curricula should employ all three methods of assessment to improve student learning. However, the collection of assessment data should be decided by the teacher to fit the needs of the class. Assessment should be woven into the curriculum. Common Core Standards Music was one of the first areas to set standards for education in the mid-1990s, but currently professionals are trying to revise them to better fit the needs of music educators. "The aim of Common Core standards is not just getting students to do well – in any subject – but enabling them to critique what they have done, and to suggest improvements to their own work" ( Powers, 2013, p. 32). Scott Shuler comments, "They provide a lens for looking at our classrooms, and they have changed the conversation about what should be taught" (cited in Powers, 2013, p. 34). As one teacher comments, the standards help to create balance between activities in the classroom (Powers, 2013, p. 35). Students, when the teacher applies the standards to his teaching, become more well-rounded, efficient musicians. The standards give the end result without demanding a specific method of arrival allowing teachers more creativity and flexibility (Powers, 2013, p. 36). Music teachers nationwide are looking to the revision of the standards as another benchmark in music

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