Leadership Training And Employee Onboarding

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Management invests a great deal in human resources, leadership training and employee onboarding. This philosophy will continue as long as the Bank is in business. A new engagement with a third party sales and culture training company has already been executed for the 2016 calendar year. The Bank has created a detailed cybersecurity strategic plan to combat cybersecurity. The plan includes implementation of additional hardware and software security layers to complement systems already in place. The plan will be completed over the next three years. FirstBank is a member of the Texas Department of Banking and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Bank has increased its compliance staff in order to maintain good standing with regulatory changes and the regulators. Required employee training is provided on an ongoing basis when regulation changes or on an as needed basis. Managers are subscribed to industry news feeds and participate in training seminars where available. Five-Year Financial Plan The attachment following this report includes historical financial data on FirstBank from the FFIEC UBPR. The report includes historical data from 12/31/2011 to 9/30/2015 and a future five year forecast. Asset growth should remain consistent at a projected 10% growth year over year for the next five years. The Bank may experience anomalies in growth in the event an acquisition event happens. The Bank is on an aggressive growth plan with the goal to achieve 1.5
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