Leadership Trends and Microsoft: Exploring the IT Organization

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Leadership, Trends and Microsoft: Exploring the IT Organization Background In today's day and age, where focus on leadership is essential for any organization to succeed, many new trends and approaches come and go, and it is the job of a successful company to adapt their work to these trends in a way that focuses on the future yet holds firm to that company's respective beliefs and mission statement. So many times, companies, hoping to get a leg up within the industry see a new trend and haphazardly change their focus to meet these new standards. However, so often these standards adjust themselves and consistently change, leaving these companies adrift in the past when their primary focus was implementing for the future. In understanding this facet of business and trends, one can immediately understand that with trends and new approaches comes necessity for companies to tread lightly, implementing only what is essential in order to keep that company together. In viewing Microsoft as the example corporation in viewing this focus on trends and new leadership, one can see how this company has consistently maintained its capability to remain ahead of the curve in terms of trends in leadership in order to keep the company running smoothly, especially in its IT functions. Trends are in fact what keep the IT field moving forward, as with new trends come new products and new innovations to better the world which these companies serve. However, in viewing the concept of

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