Leadership, Trustworthiness And Ethical Stewardship

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Ethical Leadership
Leadership, Trustworthiness and Ethical Stewardship
Leadership, Trustworthiness and Ethical Stewardship
The problem to be investigated is; how the leaders manage to stay ethical in their role while maintaining trust with the followers and focus on organisational goals. Most of the times, the biggest responsibility of leaders is to lead the team of the people to achieve organisational goals willingly. Leaders are supposed to create harmony between the workforce and management so that win-win situation can be created. It is a challenge for the leaders to play this role successfully and they can be accused of any partiality or favouritism by either management or the employees.
In order to effectively win the trust of organisational management and the team members, the leaders adopt the role of steward and focus on the ethical conduct. Since it is impossible for them to gratify every body all the time, by putting organizational interest ahead of their personal interest and following the ethical conduct, they succeed in increasing the acceptance of their decisions. Even though management or team members may disagree with their opinions and initiatives, they still keep on believing that the decisions taken by the leaders are ethical and will be in favour of the organisations and team members. They may not see the immediate impact but the long term consequences may become favourable. This repute and notion gives the
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