Essay on Leadership Vision

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Leadership Vision

Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR 504: Leadership & Nursing Practice

Summer Semester 2011

Leadership Vision

What is an organization without a vision? The vision objective puts the organizations values and goals into simplified terms every member of the team can understand and share. The same holds true for our own personal goals and aspirations. We should develop our own personal vision statements to ensure we are staying current in the growing changes of nursing and healthcare technology/techniques, to educate and lead in the most efficient means possible. My vision revolves around the mission statement, “To provide the highest level of care,
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AORN recognizes the importance of commitment to patient safety as a primary goal (AORN, 2011). The program was launched in 2002 with the goal of directing an approach towards safety activities in compliance with Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. (Hunt, 2011). Further, according to Richard B. Willner, President, The Center for Peer Review Justice, Inc., “The healthcare system in America today has come under attack for a multitude of reasons, including charges that the system has become corrupt due to the advent of HMOs, PPOs, and other “managed” care systems. Many of the criticisms leveled against our system are grounded in the manner in which citizens are afforded treatment by physicians who try to function in the best possible way in today’s healthcare system. The actions of some physicians may warrant the criticism they receive for overutilization of health care or providing inadequate health care. Others, on the other hand, clearly do not deserve the abuse and maltreatment visited on them by the current Peer Review system utilized in virtually every hospital in America today.” (Willner, 2011).


In conclusion, I would like to add a critique of my references. Upon gathering empirical evidence, I found that these varied sources appeared to have a “real” sense of what was happening in the nursing industry today. While all were stressing the importance of quality patient
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