Essay on Leadership Vision Statement

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My top 5 values are:
1. Integrity: The first and most important trait of a leader. Integrity gives a leader validity to always do the right thing. I have a deeper meaning stemming from my family that makes it crucial that I keep integrity first if I desire others to emulate my actions.

2. Loyalty: Loyalty is the trait of a good listener and friend to just be there when needed.
This trait gives superiors a sense of commitment and purpose in making sure you are doing the request job to the best of your ability. You can hold yourself as you would others. 3.
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A leader is cultivated and groomed to make the best potential shine through the grimmest picture with decisiveness. A committed leader will prioritize essential needs and wants, allowing focused results to steer the mission. A leader embodies the Air Force in every aspect and relays those traits to subordinates through tough love and determination. A firm hold on the task at hand can make or break the efforts put forth to complete it. My time in the military has shown me that I have a need for order and discipline. I want to instill this trait into my subordinates and affectively give them the tools to succeed and complete the mission both home and abroad. I lead from the front and never leave those willing to strive for betterment. My plan involves completing my degree and obtaining the knowledge level needed to effectively take care of and train my replacements in true values, pride in ownership and family values. A stepping stone is that anyone can learn from anyone, even if it’s what not to do. I challenge myself to right all the wrong styles of leadership that I have experienced throughout my career and be that exception to the policy/good ole boy club members. The Air Force can change with assistance from those willing to make the change. I have given blood for my countries ideals and know I will give my every effort to help produce the most capable and experience airmen for the purpose set by our CINC. I
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