Leadership Vs Followership Analysis

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Leadership is one of the most important aspects of any organization and Nation because it helps guide the people it serves, provide structure and organize the outcome of the company or group. The goal of any leader should be to properly motivate its followers to engage in productive and efficient tasks towards achieving their goals. In our society the media portrays leadership in sports and the military or often as Commander and Chief of Nation. Leadership is highly prevalent within these settings and is absolutely crucial to creating structured group environment and motivating individuals to work together to achieve the goals of the organization or group. The leadership and followership experiences I have encountered played an essential role…show more content…
The differences between leaders and managers are not quite as clear. A manager can also be a leader, however managers are said to be authoritative and transactional. Leaders should be charismatic and transformational. Many qualities that are attributed to managers are reactive, use routine, and are controlling. Qualities that are accredited to leaders are that they are strategic, visionaries, passionate, transformational and effective. While some attributes between the two are interchangeable, the main differences are the ways in which they handle…show more content…
These leaders give a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. Transformational leaders are caring about the individuals they work with and not just their success. They visionaries and the vision is shared with all the employees knowing that it is a corporate effort to achieve success. The controversy over whether leadership is inherited or learned has been ongoing for decades. There are views that we are born with the characteristics to be a leader or people are just are leaders; being born with the skills and abilities to lead. Others believe that leadership can be learned given the proper tools, education, and discipline anyone can learn to be a
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