Essay about Leadership Within Ambulance Services

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This assignment will focus on; the NHS organisational cultures and theories, leadership cultures and theories, leadership styles, the effect leadership cultures have upon organisational cultures and will address the requirements for modernisation of the ambulance service. All of which will be supported by relevant literature and research. Since 1930 authors have focused on organizational culture as a system of “socially transmitted behaviour patterns that serve to relate human communities to their ecological settings” (Keesing, 1974). This has been reflected in the work of many ethnographers and psychologists, such as Whyte (1949), Rohlen (1974), Schein (1985 & 1990) and Hofstede (1980, 1991). Edgar Schein continued to define…show more content…
In 1972 Rogger Harrison researched into ‘Organizational Cultures and Structures’ which was later supported and publicised by Charles Handy (1985), it suggested that there are four dimensions of cultures through which organisations exist. They are; ‘power’, ‘role’, ‘task’ and ‘people culture’. Organisations can be associated with one or more of the different cultures. Many organisations can be identified as having a different organisational culture at each hierarchical interval. ‘Power’ culture (Handy, 1985) is described as a similar infrastructure to that of a spider’s web, where the “boss” is in the centre of an ever widening web of others involved in the organisation. Role culture (Handy, 1985) is best explained as an image of a pyramid of boxes, each box containing a job title and role. The boxes still stand and the structure remains secure, even if one of the individuals fulfilling a role departs. Role cultures are best operated by a manager at the top of the pyramid, as suggested by Ronald White (1988). Role cultures operate best in large organisations where roles are clearly defined, evaluation of their progress is continually assessed and feedback is given. Task culture (Handy, 1985) is predominantly used in a field where team work is of paramount importance to ensure a task is completed. People culture
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