Leadership Within The Multinational Environment

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work towards excellence and try to achieve the organizational goals as a unit. Organizational strategies have a clear relationship on the role of leadership. Leadership helps shape culture whereas, culture in turn develops leadership and they both drive performance (Para 2 and 3, “The Impact of Leaders on Culture”, 2012).
Leadership in the multinational environment
Leadership in a globalized business environment assumes great importance. With cultural differences it is a challenge to manage the workforce and build a cohesive unit. Effective leadership in a multinational environment can be achieved by adopting four primary leadership styles a) enunciating a vision, gearing the workforce for a change b) building emotional bonds, c) leading others to greatness d) developing people for future responsibility. A leader in a multinational environment must recognize his/her own cultural limitations (Para 2 and 3, Rentfrow, 2007). He/ She must not be perceived by the workforce as an outsider. He/ She must have close interaction and integrate with the workforce to understand and imbibe their culture and practices whole-heartedly. Respect and adapt the culture of the host country, understand the limitations of their culture and develop a vision for growth of the organization. Establish a corporate vision without abandoning his/her national culture. Project himself/herself as if a part of the culture of the host country in order to gain acceptance and respect from the host workforce…
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