Leadership: an Integrative Approach

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Leadership: An Integrative Approach Yaschira E. Rodriguez-Cuevas LDR/531 March 10th, 2012 Professor Miguel Rodriguez Carrasquillo Leadership: An Integrative Approach Leadership, as stated by Yukl (2010), is a multifaceted concept that has kept a passionate interest among its followers and people since it takes into account the characteristics of the leaders, followers and the surrounding environment. Also, in his work Yukl (2010) portrays the term as both a specialized role and a shared influence process. Although a definition for the term leadership does not exists Yukl defines it as the process of inspiring others to comprehend and…show more content…
In addition, Mintzberg affirmed that leadership was one of the ten managerial roles he proposed back then in late 1960’s when he completed a careful study of executives to determine what managers did on their jobs at that time and that leadership encompasses the other nine managerial roles (Yukl, 2010). Major research has been done on the term as it fascinates people throughout the world because of the mystery involved on how companies that are headed for failure once a leader takes over an organizational change takes place. According to Robbins & DeCenzo (2008), organizational change is started by a leader or someone who stands out and makes things happen something a manager normally won’t do not because it can’t be done but because it is not his/her role. Managers are concerned on getting things done and leaders -on the other hand- inspire and touch the lives of people within the organization, pave the path for the things to be done effectively and efficiently and deal with the meaning employees have for the things in an organization all this is done in order to get to an agreement on what are most important things to be done (Yukl, 2010). Theories on leadership have been developed and approaches to evaluate
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