Leadership and A. True B.

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Chapter 8: Participative Management and Leading Teams Multiple Choice Questions 1. The concept of employee participation is party of many management and leadership theories. Which one of the following does not include the concept of participation? (p. 248-249) a. Theory X and Theory Y b. Leader behavior research c. Contingency models d. Trait approach* 2. Ford Motor Co. is an example of a company that: (p. 249) a. has moved fully towards team-based management b. combines teams with more traditional structures* c. continues to be successful without using teams d. has found the use of teams highly challenging 3. Research indicates that organizations can reap many benefits from employee participation and involvement.…show more content…
increase follower involvement in the task c. increase follower motivation d. increase leader’s power* 22. John has found that delegating tasks allows him to manage his own workload and stress. What other potential benefit does delegation offer John? (p. 254) a. enrich the job of his followers* b. create a more cohesive team c. save his followers’ time d. increase leader’s power (AACSB: Reflective Thinking) 23. Delegation affects employees in all of the following ways except . (p. 254) a. increasing their satisfaction b. increasing their motivation c. increasing organizational commitment d. increasing their desire to leave the organization* (d; Easy; p. 254) 24. It is important for managers to understand the difference between _________ and __________. (p. 255) a. development; enrichment b. teams; group c. leadership; leadership substitutes d. delegation; dumping* 25. Alberto is an over-worked manager who is trying to reduce his workload. He decides to assign all the tasks that he does not like and take a long time to his subordinates. What is Alberto doing? (p. 255) a. delegating his tasks wisely b. dumping on his subordinates* c. developing his subordinates d. reducing his workload while training his subordinates in good management practice (AACSB: Reflective Thinking) 26. Shane wants to delegate a task to one of his followers. What guidelines should he follow? (p. 255) a. Delegate the task and leave the employee
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