Leadership and Change Management Research

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH Leading and Change Management Research MBA 520 University of Phoenix Leadership and Change Management Research Introduction The purpose of this analysis is to gain knowledge about key concepts reviewed in the MBA 520 coursework coupled with recognizing application of these concepts in several industries. This paper has three purposes: (1) identify an issue in the simulation that the companies also face, (2) how the company responded to the issue, and (3) outcomes of the company’s response to the situation. Change is the only dependable constant in life as well as in business. Especially in a free market economy, change is inevitable. This being the case,…show more content…
Home Depot is managing conflict by creating an excitement within the culture and having the employees embrace the change. By putting programs in place to create excitement and recognizing the employees, they are building stronger relationships among the employees and creating unity. Furthermore, having a leader who is open to change and rethinking their own goals because they may have not fit into the company’s is a key point. One of the most inspirational lessons that can be learned from transformational leaders regarding their conflict management style is that they are not afraid to admit when their ideas didn’t work. Instead they take steps to change directions to align the company morale, all the while never giving up any momentum. Stevens Hospital is in the process of changing the culture with the help of an outside consulting group. A portion of this change in culture is to provide leaders tools and resources to manage and resolve conflict in the workplace. The intention of conflict management is for leaders to have needed critical conversations with employees. Additionally, these skills will be used to coach employees in appropriate communication techniques for conflict resolution in the workplace. Catalyst for Change Several methods for implementing change have taken place by many of the organizations researched below. Analyzing the need for change,
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