Leadership and Followers

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Followers plan an active role in the process of leadership. By being a follower, it does not mean that one is inferior to a leader, but that they simply play a different role. Webster's dictionary defines follow as to come or occur after, but it does not necessarily imply a causal relationship with what goes before. A follower is part of the team. A quarterback cannot win the game without the efforts of the entire team. He can throw or run the ball but without his team members blocking, he will not make the touch down. Much like a game, team players are imperative to the success of the organization. There are five different types of followers as stated by Frisina (2005) in the article Learn to Lead by Following. The types of…show more content…
Alienated followers find themselves just that, alienated. Effective followers tend to be critical thinkers and active workers (Frisina 2005). They are independent in their actions and thoughts. Effective followers might sometimes seem like leaders because of their willingness to work and their enthusiasm. These people are those workers who are always on time. They prioritize their life so that they can handle work and home, and they live with their personal and core values matched (Frisina 2005). Interpersonal skills are traits that all effective followers carry. As Frisina (2005) said of the words of Stephen Covey, these followers might have adopted Covey's words of "seeking to understand before demanding to be understood." The effective follower always sees the big picture and tries to come up with a logical solution in order to help the leader. There are four equalities that are essential to effective following. (Kelley 1988) • Self management: having the ability to be a think for ones self is important for being an effective followers. • Commitment: being committed to goals and values and principles of the organization. They seek out extra work and responsibilities gladly in order to stretch themselves. • Competence and focus: Having high standards of performance and are frequently
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