Leadership and Governance Essay

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The leader’s role in effective governance of organisations

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Subject : LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE Course Code : MGMT20152 Tutor: Grace Phan-Athiroj

Central Queensland University
Sydney January 2012

Since last decade there are major interest in executive directors’ role to achieve a high status and be recognized into organisations, universities and other entities. Nowadays, words as leadership, quality, and management have reached major relevance how a mechanism to build and develop comfortable environment work, and better quality of life for their all members or collaborates. Furthermore all these factors can be of use to encourage a high quality in customer
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Secondly, based on organizational framework exist different hierarchy systems, these also applies for types of leaders and executives. This essay has mentioned at the moment meaning about leadership and governance also those how are integrated into organization now it would be explain distinguish between the leaders and executives roles, also embrace other concept such as authority, values, motivation and admiration. Points out about leadership as concept is not related directly with authority, embraces motivation and admiration play on the same time. Leaders need followers as followers need to be coordinated. But these communication processes between stakeholders appear throughout organisational task or challenge on crisis time. It is at the moment where leaders take more control over the situation and manage to overcome adversity. As was cited by Woodward (1994 , p.95 ) “leaders lead from their values and beliefs” in Russell R (2000, p 76). Supporting this idea Russell said a character ethic is focus on traditional values such as integrity, humility, and loyalty described success throughout internal values rather than a personality ethic which is centralized to build a social acceptation by performance aspects during long period. Mostly of leaders overcome those obstacles becoming some cases of executives positions, which cannot lead collaborates into framework of encourage followers, but they have the
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