Leadership and Governance

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Because it has value and can help students to focus on the issues they see in governance and leadership, it is a practice that should be undertaken by all students working toward a better understanding of management. In order to properly work within the confines of reflective practice, most students write a number of journal entries. Once they create these entries, they can consolidate and reexamine them in an effort to choose the best ones and work to put them all together into something that shows all of their views and opinions in the area of leadership. That is the focus of this paper, where five learning events will be addressed and discussed. Three of them will relate to the leadership and governance concepts that were discussed by Ladkin (2010).

Two of the events will relate to any leadership or governance concept, regardless of the book or journal article from whence it originates. Additionally, one of the five events will specifically be ethics related, since ethics are such a significant part of the business climate in so many different ways. When people are focused on ethics they must take the time to consider both themselves and others, as well as how their actions may affect the project or work in progress currently taking place in the company for which they work. Each and…
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