Leadership and Groups: FMC Green River Essay

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Leadership and Groups: FMC Green River Background FMC is and has been a successful company for the last fifty-six years. First originated in 1948 and produced 1.3 million tons of various grades of soda ash a year. The success of the first business brought about a second refining plant in 1953, which was completed in 1970. FMC Aberdeen, located in South Dakota with a population of 30,000 is also a successful subsidy of FMC. FMC Aberdeen employs one hundred people, produces one product, which is a missile canister for the U.S. Navy. FMC Green River managed by Mr. Dailey, produces various chemicals, has over 100 domestic and international customers, 1,150 employees, creates several products and works closely at times with…show more content…
At Aberdeen while forming these small groups, the groups themselves have the ability to choose their leader and also, decide on how long they want a specific person to lead that group. The groups also have a unique ability to work within their groups on work schedules. If a person needs some time off, the flexibility of the group will allow it. One important aspect of the groups at Aberdeen is the ability for the groups to counsel others in either a positive or negative situation. Social loafing is practically non existent due to the rotating of team leaders and responsibility placed on each individual of a group. The family like atmosphere at Aberdeen naturally creates a strong group cohesiveness, which is very effective and creates a positive working environment. At Aberdeen, with only 100 employees the need for virtual teams via internal communication networks such as email or net meetings is impractical and could create slow downs in their processes. The overall work group and team structure at Aberdeen minimizes the process losses due to poor coordination and motivational problems. The end result is a great atmosphere to work and solve processes to produce a quality product. Clear leadership at Aberdeen with the exception of the CEO could be a little difficult to grasp on whom is in charge. Within the groups, the positive input from each member and close working relationships have almost made it possible to do away with leaders. It appears at

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