Leadership and Leadership Theories

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Introduction Leadership is the acts of managing the company through organizational changes that are projected to enable the company in meeting meet its objectives. Leaders are anticipated to carry themselves in the right manner to motivate as well as, influencing the rest of the organization positively, since they act as an example to the rest of the employees in the organization (Sheahan, 2006). This paper therefore analyzes the leadership theories and the methods and tools in given situations while selecting the appropriate behavior of different leaders in resolving problems in the organization. The paper also analyses the sources of power within the organization as well as defining the relationship between the power and independency in an organizational setting. There various theories employed by the different leaders in organization. The first theory is the direct leadership theory; in this case, the leaders are concerned with the organization productivity, outcomes, and efficiency. The leader is seems not to be concerned with the aspect of creating the rapport involving the employees. This type of theory tends to work best in global organization, since the employees do not directly relate with their leader. The second leadership theory is the supportive leadership theory; this type of leadership is associated with supporting the employees, and building a good relationship with them, so that they are positively motivated, this enables the leaders to work towards
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