Leadership and Management Implementation Plan and Paper

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Leadership and Management Implementation Plan and Paper Rose West
Grand Canyon University: HLT 313V
March 8, 2015

Leadership and Management Plan

As an allied health leader one is required to know, implement, and evaluate the compliance of the organization. In this paper I will identify an area that is listed on the organization’s report card that can be developed. I will describe the procedures of the plan, and the expectations and possible obstacles this plan may have.
Purpose of the Plan

In researching areas of our local hospital that needed improvement, I found the area of medication explanation to patient’s needs improvement. The report states that 53% of the patients do not always get an explanation as to why they
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I feel it would take a few weeks to get this plan implemented only because it would be a change for hospital staff and we all know at time that changes take time to get them going and all staff following new procedures. Staff would have to take the extra few minutes to explain why a medication is being given. But, on the other hand they would only have to explain it once not every single time a dose was given and the patient would have a record of the medication they are taking. The personnel involved in my plan would be the hospital pharmacist or IT department to send down or make available to nursing staff handouts or database available to access on each medication that is being administered to each patient while being hospitalized.
Expectations and Obstacles

My expectations from implementing this action would be that more patients are aware of why a medication is being administered to them and what reactions could possibly happen. In addition I feel that doing so would help element medication distribution errors. The printing of medications being administered would have an increase on the budget due to the paper cost and ink as well as time of staff. Some obstacles that I feel may occur is that with the shortage of hospital staff is that they would not want to take the extra time to explain to each and every patient why they are being given a certain medication. However, implementing a medication awareness program to
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