Leadership and Management Reflection

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Introduction In this essay we will be introduced to a leader who holds a high place of authority in the military and gain some personal insight on leadership and management. Then will look at this writer’s own personality traits and what leadership model the personality traits best match. Then look at the tenets of motivation and how this writer’s personality suites these tenets. Also look at the relationship between effective communication and motivation. Then finally we will look at some thoughts of what it takes to be an effective employee, successful manager, and an exemplary citizen.
The first part of this week’s assignment was to look was to interview a manager/leader that we admire and seek their insight on
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Now with some background information about Chief Master Sergeant Schultz let us look at some of his thoughts and personal experiences with management and leadership. Smith did not start off his career in the military with a goal being to strive to be a high level leader in the Air Force. Ryan’s goals and focus changed as he would make it to the next level of leadership. He enjoyed the challenges that each new position offered and that fueled his drive to continue a career in the military. Ryan believes that one of his strongest leadership traits is that of experience. Ryan’s vast and diverse experience has been a major factor to his success as a leader and he tries to instill the need to get out and gain experience to his team. He has been motivated throughout his career to gain knowledge and work experience and the more of these a person can obtain the better leader they can become is Ryan’s personal leadership philosophy.
When is come to leadership style Ryan believes that he uses a combination of autocratic and democratic styles. He thinks no one style is right one for every situation that may occur in the workplace. At times when a task has to accomplished very quickly the autocratic style of centralized authority, unilateral decisions and limit employee participation in the decision process is the best style to be use. But tasks permit Ryan likes to involve the employees in the process, delegate authority, and
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