Leadership and Mentoring Essay

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1: Introduction to Leadership and Mentoring
2: definition of leaders and Mentors
3: Exemplary models
4: Roles and Values
5: Standard & Ethics
6: Case study
7: Conclusion
8: References

I: Introduction
Leadership and mentoring has generally been mistaken to be the same thing however during the course of this assignment I aim to prove otherwise that although leaders and mentors may share some similar traits they have different definitions and perform different functions. There are different types of leaders and also mentors; examples of famous leaders are Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln Barrack Obama, examples of mentors are Socrates who mentored Aristotle who subsequently mentored Alexander the Great.
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Mentoring for the mentor is about challenging himself to perform to greater capabilities while nurturing a mentee and stretching them to realise their full potential. Mentors counsel, tutor and guide their mentees in developing themselves. A mentor however has to understand his role and not get caught up with his mentee too personally and possibly emotionally as this can affect his judgement in giving out advice to the mentee in vital situations.

III: Exemplary Models
A leader carries himself with high self-esteem giving out intelligent and well thought out answers and making the right decisions when needed this increases his reputation and subsequently transfers to his supporters who are at ease to know they have put their faith in the right leader (Northouse 2004 P.19) said that although it is important for a leader to be intelligent it is also important that he and his supporters are moving in the right direction together. Leaders who are very smart may have difficulties relating their ideas to their supporters this can lead to disagreements in the organisation. A leader has to understand what is required of him and how he can give effective leadership to his followers. (Northouse) also says that they are born leaders and people who learn to be leaders. Born leaders exhibit leadership
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