Leadership and Motivation Essay

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"Leadership is a process where one person influences a group of others to achieve group or organizational goals- Leadership is thus about motivation."

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Topic Page Number
1 Executive Summary 3
2 Leadership 3
2.1 Leadership Definition 4
3 The Four Main Phases of Leadership Theory 4
4 Motivation 7
4.1 Motivation Models and Theories 7
5 Motivation and Leadership Styles 8
6 Case Study- Royal Bank of Scotland Group: Motivation and Leadership 10
7 Conclusion 11 References 14 1. Executive Summary
This paper is about leadership and motivation. One of the main issues is whether a leader can effectively lead individuals (be they employees or not) without motivating them in way or another.

Leadership is
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Behavioral Here the focus has shifted from the leader to leadership. Two primary dimensions of behavior: task-orientation and follower-orientation. Thus, two types: authoritarian and democratic with differences reside in the focus of power. Productivity is expected to be higher in the democratic dimension.
The theory suggests that effective leaders behave differently than less-effective leaders.
There is job–centered behavior or initiating-structure behavior as opposed to employee-centered behavior or consideration behavior. Both styles are at ends of a single quantum.
The behavior is an interaction of style and expectations. Example: An army officer shows behavior of high levels of conformity and appreciation and respect to the roles and expectations. In contrast to an employee in a research and development unit or a creative studio who strive on creativity and breaking the mould- thinking "out of the box".
Contingency Such theories are continuation of the situational approach to leadership. In these theories the factor of situation and behavioral aspects are taken into consideration. The leader’s appropriate behavior changes with situation. The favorableness of the situation depends on the leader’s interpretation and point of view.
It takes more specific account of
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