Leadership and Motivational Theory Essay

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A Question of Motivation Florence Adepoju, Traci Howard, Ashley Jackson, & Nadia Syahmalina BMGT 364: Management and Organization Theory Professor Steiger September 23, 2012 Introduction The case study, A Question of Motivation, explores the various types of leadership styles that affect the motivation of the employee. Jonathan and Dan have two different managerial styles. Jonathan, a supervisor in the supermarket, varies the duties of his subordinates (Robbins & Judge). In contrast, Dan, the other supervisor in the case study, prefers consistent routine and station adherence with a focus on repetitiveness (Robbins et al). The depiction of Jonathan in the case study is that of a supervisor who is well liked and more…show more content…
This is the point that Stephanie has reached and displays it by trying to be the best employee she can for Jonathan. Since Dan has assigned Alex to repeat one task, stock apples, he has not quite met some of Alex’s other needs. Alex does not feel that he is able to show his full potential at this point, and thus has little motivation to perform. Equity Theory of Motivation Equity theory is when one perceives equitability an inequality. If an employee perceives inequality, they will act accordingly to bring correction to the inequity. There are four different ways in which an employee will react when seeking to correct the inequality. They are the change of work outputs, the attempt to change their current compensation, the change of their own perception, and removing themselves from the unfair situation (Certo & Certo, 2012). After reading the case study, Alex is experiencing inequity while Stephanie is receiving equity. Some employees will change their outputs to match rewards that they are currently receiving. They can either increase or decrease their outputs. It depends on if they feel like their rewards are greater or lesser. Stephanie’s manager, Jonathan, offers her bonuses to push her to sell expensive products. Therefore, Stephanie increases her work output to match her rewards. Alex’s manager, Dan does not offer him any type of incentive at all. Therefore, Alex’s work output
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