Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action Essay

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Running head: FORCES AND TRENDS RESEARCH Forces and Trends Research Carol Becker Crystal Dunn Grace P. Jones Christine Lisnock Deo Melgaco Denise Thompson University of Phoenix MBA580/Strategies for Competitive Advantage Instructor: Christina Behling March 30, 2009 Strategic Adaptability In the current times of deep environmental change caused by deteriorating economical conditions, a firm’s ability to embrace change and adapt is vital to survival. According to a study by Stoica (1995), adaptability was defined as below: “The capability of the organization to adjust to changes. It permits us to develop a theoretical framework for adaptability in the context of information search, filtering, and…show more content…
They may include but not be limited to social, technological, ecological, buyer power and competitive rivalry. Understanding and working with these trends will help any corporation control its place within the industry. Social factors are a force of the remote environment of an industry. “Social factors that affect a firm involve the beliefs, values, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyles of persons in the firm’s external environment, as developed from cultural, ecological, demographic, religious, educational, and ethnic conditioning,” (Pearce & Robinson, 2005, p. 79). One example of how social forces or trends affect an industry is evident within the cellular industry. The consumer’s attitudes and opinions about cellular service continue to change and shift. The consumer has jumped from having cellular service as an emergency “just in case” service to having cellular service as a necessity. As lifestyles change, more consumers are demanding not only a reliable service but services that allow for social networking, navigation, business tools and items such as media that will allow connection with cultural icons. The driving force for most organizations today is the economy. The global economy has seen better days and no one knows when it will turn around. Starbucks chooses to be proactive instead of reactive. The company uses a blend of providing a place of
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