Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action Essay

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Course Project: Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action

GM-591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Devry University Inc. Established in 1931, Devry University is a subsidiary of Devry Inc, which is a publicly traded and private higher education institution. Devry has provided a quality education to hundreds of thousands of consumers over the years. Devry offers a vast array of degree programs ranging from the undergraduate level to graduate degrees and professional certificates. The University primarily targets adults who are looking to advance in their current career position, or seeking a career change.
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Through the changes implemented, employees feel they are not heard, and are pressured to conform to the new structure with minimal feedback about their concerns. If this continues, Devry will begin to see a significance increase in turnover, a decrease in productivity, and declining profits and market share. Changes need to be made to the organizations recruitment expectations, structure, and management behaviors during this planned changed. With that being said, “How can management promote productivity and manage resistance to changes in organizational structure and goals? ”

Literature Review

The “ Five levees for improving Ethical Performance” by Dennis Collins, explains the important steps toward driving an ethical performance, which in turn will increase employee performance long term. His article explains the necessary truths behind ethical behaviors and the impact they have on employees and the organization. A brief breakdown of the five levels for ethical performance and behavior were as follows: 1. Hiring Employees with Ethical Values a. Employees must be willing and able to perform ethically, and have a history of ethical performance.

2. Code of Ethics a. There needs to be a clear model of what the Ethical standards are within and organization

3. Managers as moral role models a. Management must set the example of ethical behaviors. They are the leaders within the organizations
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