Leadership and Performance in the Workplace Essay

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Leadership and Performance in the Workplace
Woody’s Veneer Factory is experiencing decreased productivity, an increase in garbage removal costs, and a loss of revenue. The floor workers are grinding up good veneer, an activity that increases garbage fees and decreases productivity and money. There is loss of production because the workers are more concerned with their revenge on management than on being productive workers. They work together using hand signals and text messages to warn others that management is watching so that no one gets caught destroying good product. This paper will analyze different group and team concepts and provide examples of leadership theories that management can implement at Woody’s Veneer Factory.
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The floor employees expend a lot of time and effort on playing look out instead of on producing quality veneer. The team commitment shown by the floor workers is remarkable. The individuals show their willingness to work hard for the team, but unfortunately, it is not in productive ways that will improve the company’s profit margins (Spector, 2008). Many people working together and understanding their shared task of destroying good veneer represent the floor team’s mental model (Spector, 2008). They have coordinated their efforts to be successful at raising the garbage fees and decreasing productivity at the factory.
The consultant the stockholders hired to report on the activities present at Woody’s Veneer Factory would offer a couple of suggestions to help correct the observed problems and get the company back on track producing quality veneer and reducing expenses. First, the quality circle could be implemented to allow floor employees and management an opportunity to talk face-to-face about the problems in the factory. These circles would give employees a voice and improve communication between the two groups of employees working at Woody’s (Spector, 2008). Management could voice their concerns and the workers could understand how decisions are made instead of just seeing the result of the decision-making process. Management could hear and understand the issues the floor workers are acquiring and they could all communicate ways of improving
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