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Module 7ED015 University of Wolverhampton Participant name: Deborah Elaine Howarth UoW Student Number: 1126183 Learning Community: Bradford Serco Tutor: Michael Gasper | | | | |Submission dates: |9th Jan 2012 |16th Jan 2012 | | |St Helens |Sussex | | |Reading |Taunton…show more content…
I support individuals in supervisions, where their workload, performance and any personal issues can be discussed and supported. I guide staff to follow policies and procedures to maintain their safety and that of the centre. I ensure I have a good professional approachable relationship with my team and I offer an open-door policy to them. (Journal p43 01.11.11) “I have offered each individual access to ‘open door’ policy following the review briefing to have a 1:1 on their own terms when they feel it would benefit them most, rather than feeling pressurised to talk at a specific set time”. (Standards; 1.2, 4.7, 4.10). I have strong feelings and respect every individual, I am governed emotionally, by that; people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. In Module.1 we were asked to form LLG groups of four people. I journalled (p.6 28/09/11) “people were reluctant to be in a group with me as my centres are miles away in Bolton ! I felt like the last person to be picked for the sports team”, I knew then there were people who had made me feel uncomfortable and it would be hard to come back from that. For me, I find looking after my staff and their Emotional Intelligence Goleman (1995) as paramount to their well- being; (Journal p45 02.11.11) “Some of the team are emotional and stressed. I am going to promote
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