Leadership from an Islamic Perspective

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LEADERSHIP FROM AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE By LOKMAN EFFENDI RAMLI Page 1 of 27 1.0 INTRODUCTION Allah (s.w.t.)1 has created mankind with noble objective that people would lead their live in peace and harmony following the system of belief of his revelations sent down through Prophets from time to time since very beginning of the society in this world. On top of that, Allah (s.w.t) said in Al Qu’ran the responsible of humankind is to worship to him. “I have only created jinns and men that they may serve me”2 Vicegerent (khalifah), the Islamic concept of leadership first emerged from the Qur’anic verse that express Allah’s wish to appoint his vicegerent [Prophet Adam (a.s)3] on earth soil as maintain justice among the…show more content…
Web search on the topic also conducted, especially to find out the latest research paper regarding the topic.. Focus of this research is to find out the concept of leadership from an Islamic perspective, through literature resources available. The scope of this research is based on the illustration at Figure 1 (above). In this study, the author will do a literature study in deep to find out the concept of leadership based on two relationships (i.e. first, between creator (Allah s.w.t) and servant (human); and second, between khalifah (leader) and human (people, society, family and state). 4.0 LITERATURE REVIEW: FINDING AND DISCUSSION 4.1 THE ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF LEADERSHIP The leadership concept in Islam is a “trust” (amanah) from Allah (s.w.t). From “trust”, then comes “responsibility” (taklif) and followed by “accountability” (mas’uliyyah)7. Amanah literally means trust, reliability, trustworthiness, loyalty, faithfulness, integrity, honesty and confidence. 8 In Al Qur’an, Allah (s.w.t) mentioned that the trust (amanah) was given to mankind since the sky, the earth, and mountains are afraid to take it as a responsibility because the burden of it is very 7 Naquib Al-Attas. S.M and Mohd Nor. W.W.D.,(2007), The ICLIF Leadership Competency Model (LCM): An Islamic Alternative,
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