Leadership in Health Care

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What does leadership in health care mean? Effective leadership is an important aspect to the effective running of clinical setting and is fundamentally a process of influencing the activities within a clinical setting to achieve a set of goals (Bergman et al., 2009). There needs to be guidance to enable the solving of complex problems and develop the skill base for nurses leading to greater retention of staff and increased positive outcomes within the health care system (Smith et al. 2006). Nursing leadership behaviour does affect the ability of the clinical team to achieve organisational goals, and thus it is important to understand what is requires of a clinical leader (Germain and Cummings, 2010). A systemic problem faced by nursing leaders is the creation of barriers that affect their ability to influence the performance of nurses to perform, and this is often a reflection on their individual workload and span of control (Germain and Cummings, 2010). Studies conducted by the English Educational Board support Oliver's leadership components, and particularly demonstrate that clinical nurses in leadership roles are important for the dissemination of knowledge, particularity to those that lack experience (Aston et al., 2000). There are four key areas that pose of special problem for health care leaders (Stoller, 2009): the external environment, including insurance and regulation, which is often complex and dynamic; the need for continuing learning as new technologies are
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