Leadership in Healthcare

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In today's health care environment, leadership is a skill that will have a profound impact on health care operations of organizations in the future. Leadership will be needed to navigate a changing health care landscape. New laws have now helped reduce costs industry wide, the population is now becoming older, and a greater majority of younger individuals are now insured. In regards to overall nursing leadership, mentors often display common characteristics that allow them to effectively motivate and lead others. Many mentors in the nursing field have the ability to inspire action rather than forcing it upon others. Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve a desired result. Through leadership individuals WANT to do achieve superior results on behalf of their manager. They do not need to be FORCED to do anything (Francis, 2012). This is key distinction between leaders and managers within the health care field. Also, a leader changes behaviors of his or her respective team members. A leader must be cognizant of this as he leads his team of diverse individuals in a changing health care environment. The nursing field in particular is going through fundamental changes that require leadership. Diverse teams are now becoming a more profound part of the healthcare arena. In many instances, mentors must effectively lead individuals in an uncertain period of change. This is occurring now as mentors are subjected to changing health care laws that will
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