Leadership in Modern Times Essay

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Modern day public relations seem to be ever changing. In order to be successful in a face paced, competitive industry there are essential characteristic an effective public relations professional must possess. While there are a myriad of characteristics and skills that are necessary for public relations professional needs to be effective, I will specifically highlight five. With a plethora of characteristics, the ones that I believe to be high raking are as follows: An Effective public relation profession is A Relationship Builder In PR, relationships are everything. The core of our profession is the ability to build rapport and bridge…show more content…
Additionally as they posses an understanding of how to communicate in a crisis relationship and reputations are built. By defining public relations as strategic management of competition and conflict, a fresh and vigorous approach to public relations is envisioned. Some of the most crucial roles played by public relations professionals involve the strategic management of conflict. (Cameron & Wilcox, 2012) An Ethical Professional True public relations professionals have a loyalty to the standards of the profession and the public interest. Professional PR conduct themselves in a manner that is honest open and fair (Cameron & Wilcox, 2012) A Global Innovator In the new age of global marketing, public relations firms represents foreign interests in the United States as well as the interest of American corporation around the world. Public Relations work today involves dealing with employees, customers, vendors, communities, and government officials in multiple nations. It is well-developed industry in many nations around the world. China, in particular, has a rapidly expanding public relations industry that is getting more sophisticated every year. (Cameron & Wilcox, 2012) In regard to the four paradigms
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