Leadership in Schindler's List

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Julianne Felix Deguzman Leadership in Schindler’s List Leadership has played a valuable role throughout history in countless leaders and even followers. Although some of the greatest leaders in history lead for a more notorious cause, the leadership skills they conveyed and followed were key to the success of their goal and accomplishments. I believe Oskar Schindler was a great leader for many reasons because of how he dealt with the Nazi party during the Holocaust and how he adapted to change and from that change resulted in saving over a thousand Jews from death. Oskar Schindler shows how sometimes a leader has to change his values and therefore his actions to accommodate the surroundings and situation. As a result to this change…show more content…
The only use of persuasion was by money. Oskar Schindler was a Nazi whose actions liberated him from a party with notorious goals to a humanitarian who saved countless lives. Schindler showed how to “fight back” against the Nazis without the use of violence. His use of leadership utilized persuasion and careful strategic planning. Schindler was aware of what was happening around him and with help was able to do what he believed was effective for him and for the Jews. Although at first he only cared for the Jews as just workers who were merely a part in his plan to make a fortune, he came to an attachment and realization that their lives were something to be valued and saved as was his own life for that matter. I believe that to be a good leader doesn’t necessarily define as someone who sets a goal and directs people to achieve it, but as someone who may have to adapt to change based off their surroundings and situations. A leader should be someone who is able to guide with not only direction but also logic, understanding, and an open mind. Oskar Schindler proved with continued leadership that even the most dismal situations may be able to change your values and based off those values change your actions and the direction in which you choose to lead and how you influence. Works

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