Leadership in a Community

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CHAPTER I Introduction This assumption of a simple transference of effective organizational activities from one nonprofit organization to another organization too often breeds frustration and organizational failure on the part of nonprofit organization leadership. There are simply too many interrelated variables to make such a simplistic assumption. The extant literature is too scant and too weak to provide the needed support for the nonprofit leader. This dissertation, therefore, is an investigation, a case study, of a nationally recognized successful, community action agency. The intent of this investigation is to understand the role of a leader in the nonprofit organizational setting, and the dynamic interrelationship of…show more content…
Further, there are essentially no references which combine the elements of nonprofit organizational culture and socialization to the activities of the leader (Appendix B - Computerized Library Search). It seems appropriate that more studies be done specifically with the nonprofit organization leader in mind. Will a new basis of leadership be discovered? Are nonprofit leaders required to function differently from other sector leaders? It may be too early to expect this literature to Dennis Young, "Executive Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations," in W.W. Powell 2 (Ed.), The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook, (CT: Yale University, 1987). Also, R.D.Herman, and R.D. Heimovics, "Nonprofit Chief Executives' Careers and Work," in Working Papers for the Spring Research Forum, (DC: Independent Sector, 1989). Cynthia D. McCauley and Martha W. Hughes, "Leadership in Human Services: Key 3 Challenges and Competencies," in Young, et al, Governing, Leading, and Managing Nonprofit Organizations, (DC: The Independent Sector, 1993), p.156. 5 surface; however, it is incumbent upon nonprofit sector leaders to take the initiative and
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