Leadership in the Organization: Jeff Bezos and Amazon Essay

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Amazon the Beginning
Jeff Bezo’s began Amazon in his garage in July 1995 with three Sun workstations setting on wooden doors for tables and extension cords running from everywhere (Academy of Achievement, 2010). Right from the beginning he was a visionary leaving his well paying job as a senior vice president with D. E. Shaw to begin Amazon.com (Academy of Achievement, 2010). Being the visionary that he is he saw an opportunity prompted by the huge growth rate of internet use in a single year and ran with it never looking back. Jeff realized that the internet had “no real commerce to speak of” so he began researching possible businesses (Academy of Achievement, 2010). “After reviewing 20 mail order businesses and deciding which
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470). To begin Amazon Jeff had to convince investors that his idea was profitable and one worth taking the risk to invest their money. He was able to “raise several million dollars from private investors” to start his company (Kargar, 2004). His parents who invested a substantial portion of their savings stated that “they weren’t investing in the internet they were investing in Jeff” (Academy of Achievement, 2010). Jeff had that ability to convince others to follow him and continue to do so which has shown through not only in his ability to find investors but also in Amazon’s success. Jeff leadership style motivated his employees during the early years when the company was expanding and not bringing in profits. Robbins and Coulter stated “Jeff Bezos has demonstrated an ability to inspire his employees through the ups and downs of a rapidly growing company” (2012, p. 208). How did he manage to motivate his employees? He did so through building a strong culture of customer satisfaction and innovation. Jeff wanted Amazon to be "Earth's biggest anything store," and consistently reinforced that desire throughout the years (Academy of Achievement, 2010). Jeff was determined to succeed and increase market share. He truly felt that not only was Amazon going to succeed but stay the market leaders through innovation. He incorporated how he wanted to reach his objectives through Amazon’s “Six Core Values” and by building a strong

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