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In the eighteenth centuries many things were going on including voices being raised on topics of slavery and woman rights. Many of these abolitionists raised their voices in the debate halls and platforms that were home to many orators. One such voice was that of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson whose voice was raised at the early age of thirteen and again at seventeen which then set her on her way on the path of an influential speaker. In her all she was, being both a young and a woman, the impact she had in making things happen gives testimony to the effectiveness she had in her leadership qualities. When Dickinson was two she lost her father. Afterward, her mother had to take care of her and her four siblings alone. Within her parlor she…show more content…
At the age of seventeen she attended a public speaking in which she was not participating. While listening, she was distraught by the speaker when he said that though he had daughters which were “the equal of any man’s, they were destined to lives of domesticity and were unsuited to careers as doctors, lawyers, preachers, bankers, or the like.” Dickinson fired off at him “in Heaven’s name, sir, what else is to be expected of such a father?” Gaining recognition in the area for doing this on other accounts in the area is what leads her to finally standing on the platform and not in the audience. Again, this is another occasion in which she knows herself. In Warren Bennis “Four Competencies of Great Leaders” the forth, and most important, was that of self-management. In the management of self it is the “knowing one’s skills, and deploying them effectively.” After the first positive response she says how effective it was and she continued doing it. She saw that she was good at it and persuaded it thought she even wrote her sister saying how she probably wouldn’t get rich doing it, it was not only what she enjoyed but something she was good at and felt need to be done. By 1862 she had delivered enough speeches to gain a repetition that allowed her to speak in Boston before four of five hundred people. Though perseverance, determination, hard work, and skill

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