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Pitfalls in Leadership James Pitrowski ORG 300 – Applying Leadership Principles Colorado State University – Global Campus Laurie Barnes September 14, 2014 Pitfalls in Leadership What are pitfalls in leadership? Pitfalls are everyday mistakes made by most, if not every leader. The mistakes are simple to make and often go unnoticed for a long time until the leader can see why the team members are suffering. Once the leader realizes their pitfall, there is an easy way to fix the problem with the way they are conducting their leadership skills. There are six main pitfalls that lead to failure in good leadership; failing to respond to employee emails, failing to provide feedback, acknowledging people only when they make…show more content…
It would have given us an opportunity to talk about how we did, and where we were lacking. Showing Favoritism To me, showing favoritism is one of the worst pitfalls a leader can experience. I experienced this pitfall while in the army. We like to call it the “good ole boy rules”. It’s basically not about what you know, it’s who you know. A lot of my battle buddies get in trouble on a daily basis, but there are certain few who are liked over others. When they tend to overlook their favorites faults, this makes me feel like I shouldn’t even try. It doesn’t matter how well I do, or how I contribute. It’s just going to be overlooked. Burning Out Employees This pitfall happens in almost every work place, and simply because of good hard working leaders who don’t know when to say enough is enough. I experienced this pitfall also while in the army. My team leader would often stay late to ensure that the work was done and ready for the next day while the people under him would go home. It had a negative effect because eventually several other of my battle buddies started to stay late also. We all got burnt out on their job really quick because of it. It could have simply been avoided by tasking out the team members more efficiently and or by finishing the work the next day as a team effort opposed to just being completed by the team leader. Conclusion Overall, these pitfalls can ultimately make or break a good leader. When the

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