Leadership theories: Autocratic Vs Transformational Essay

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In the past people believed that leaders are born not made. Now the definition of leadership has been changed because now we believe that leaders can be made through education. Leadership plays important part in every field and organization to achieve higher goal. According to Kelly, “leadership is a process of influence in which the leader influences others toward goal achievement” (Kelly & Crawford, 2013, p. 168). Nowadays there are many leadership theories and have different perspective and suggestion. I have chosen two theories to discuss in this paper that is Autocratic leadership theory the Transformational leadership theory. Both theories are total contradictory with each other because both have a different perspective.…show more content…
The main focus of the theory is motivation, inspiration and empowerment to create changes. It is based on the idea of empowering others to facilitate overall goal. Bennis and Nanus (1985) describe this new leader as a leader who “commits people to action, who converts leaders into leaders, and who converts leaders into agents of change” (p.3).177. According to processes to engage and motivate staff article “Transformational leadership is important for high quality care delivery, and behaviors that nurse leaders inspire, role model and reinforce are instrumental in creating work practice that deliver optimum care”. The first difference between two theories is the role of the leader. In autocratic theory leader has all power, poor relationship with followers and makes decision independently. There is no vision, inspiration and motivation. In addition, the leader does not actively participate in group. On the other hand, “Transformational leaders inspire people with a shared vision of the future. They set clear goals and motivate people in reaching them. And, they communicate clearly with their teams. Transformational leaders expect the best from everyone on their team as well as from themselves leading to improved motivation and high productivity” (March 2013 Leadership Insight). The leader always participates actively because the leader shares the power.http://www.mwaexeccoach.com/insight/March%202013%20Leadership%20Insight.pdf The autocratic leader make decision it

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