Leading A Team Into Change Due Date

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Assignment 3: 1500 word essay: Leading a team into change Due date: 12 Dec 2014 Submitted by: Criselda Hipolito- Bacalzo Teamwork is said to be the capability to work as one. The power to direct individual achievement toward organizational purpose. It is a drive that permits average people to reach unattainable tasks, making the impossible possible. In order for a team to be effective, it has to be composed of the right mix of people, the correct attitude and the same goal. According to one of my favourite authors and political activists, Helen Keller, states that “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” That is true in every sense of the word because with teamwork you can accomplish bigger things, so much can be done in a period of time compared to someone who is working on a task alone. With proper teamwork everything works faster, better and easier. In a historical perspective of teamwork, even in the primitive era, our ancestors have learned about teamwork by sticking together forming groups, clans, tribes and families. In that period, teamwork was evident in hunting, to acquire food for nourishment and then later on sharing that food to other members to make their team strong, so that no one is left out and starve. Being territorial is also one of the many characteristics of a good teamwork in the ancient times, the hunters claim a land or an area where they can rest, do their activities, and be at peace. Basically, how teamwork operates in the olden
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