Leading A Team Into Change Essay

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ASSIGNMENT NO: 3: leading a team into change Subject: DHCS 302 Personal and Team Effectiveness in Health and Social Care Submitted by: Amanjot Singh (CIB00025V) Submitted to: keylene tribe Date: 12/12/2014 INTRODUCTION: A team leader is the individual one which provides direction, commands and regulation within a team, he is also a part of team but plays various role for the purpose of achieving a certain goal. An effective leader will know their team members very well as strengths, weaknesses and inspirations. Actually team leader act various roles in an organization or company .Team leader always developing a strategy for the team to reach its destiny and coordinating and balancing the disagreeing interests of all members. A leader able to perform the task and to support the whole team during difficult conditions and always setup the positive attitude within the team, so without team leader any team can’t achieve success.( Burns, 1978) My Organisation and its service: My organisation name is pacific home care, this is the one of the best organisation for giving the quality of care to patients and I am team leader in this organisation. This is effective organisation and the service of this organisation is based on the patient care. The pacific care home provide the number of
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