Leading Change By John P. Kotter

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Gwyn Nunnelee
Week 7 Research Paper

Leading Change
By John P. Kotter

After publishing the article “Leading Change; Why Transformation Efforts Fail” in 1994, John Kotter decided that he wanted to develop a practical roadmap for leaders of organizations to identify why change fails, and simple steps that can be explained to help organizations develop leadership as a vessel for successful change. Kotter, successful professor of business at Harvard and world traveled business lecturer, opens up and simplifies his own ideals and experiences within organizations to simplify the pitfalls of organizational change, and how successful steps in leadership steps can help an organization as business culture rapidly continues to require change and transformation (Kotter, 1996).
Kotter’s work discusses the process of change in three parts. In the first section, Kotter addresses eight common mistakes found among organizational transformation and how they contribute to failure. He also takes the time to touch on what drives an organization towards change, challenges that organizations face, and introduces the reader to his eight step leadership strategy for successful transformation in times of change.
Part two of Kotter’s work discusses in detail each phase of the eight step process, and Kotter supplies the reader with examples throughout the work in order to help the reader relate the message for clearer understanding. Part three discusses how organization will continue to change
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