Leading Change Essay

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Leading Change | | Mike DiBenedetto | The best way to summarize this book is to dissect it into three parts. In part one the book discusses the change problem and its solution. This part focuses on two main topics; 1) Transforming organizations and why firms fail and 2) successful change and the force that drives it. Part two discusses the eight stage process in transforming an organization. Finally, in part three the book discusses the implications for the twenty –first century. Identifying the change problem can be difficult but driving solution is even more challenging. There are eight mistakes that companies make when trying to change an organization; 1) Allowing too much complacency; 2) Failing to create a sufficiently…show more content…
They must understand their competition and how they fit into the market they are competing for. Management must also identify low hanging fruit opportunities as it is a great way to strike quickly. Then they must move to step two quickly in order to put the plan in action. In step two, upper management must identify the right personnel to drive the change. These individuals must have a high level of experience and be respected by the people on the ground level. If approached by white collar corporate types far removed from the action, people will not feel motivated to put forth the effort required to make the change. This group is referred to as the guiding coalition. With the team in place it is time to develop a vision and a strategy. In step three the vision and strategy are developed. The vision is developed with the idea of where the company needs to go in order to succeed. Management will use the identified issues and opportunities in order to determine what actions to take. After that the strategy is formed in order to execute the vision. Now for the hard part, communicating the change vision. Step four is very difficult because people are resistant to change. If the change vision is not communicated properly people will lose interest quickly. The guiding coalition must be very specific and honest in communicating the vision. The communication must be repeated
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