"Leading Change" Simulation

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Organizational Leadership and Change Management LDR/515 "Leading Change" Simulation By: Angela Cassidy, Carl V. Gibson, Angela Hairston, Trey LaRoe, and Troy Neumann Mentor: Mr. Bruce W. Webb University of Phoenix Date: June 4, 2007 Week Four Leading Change "Leading Change" Simulation Exercise Run the "Leading Change" simulation found on your rEsourceSM course page as an individual before meeting with your Learning Team. Then, as a team, complete the following assignment. Cultural barriers to change can cause the most well-planned change management process to fail. This 1,250-1,500-word paper will focus on recommending what management strategies are necessary to identify and overcome commitment barriers. You will…show more content…
Hiring a consultant to determine which departments have the greatest resistance to change will allow for CrysTel 's leadership to address specific behavioral indicators in order to successfully implement organizational change as needed. In Workplace Change: Managing Workplace Change, Becker, Tennessen, and Dahl state that some implications to organizational change are: "…addressing concerns about job security and the workplace, increasing change acceptance, identifying the benefits of the change and create incentives for acceptance, perceive management commitment for satisfaction and commitment to the new workplace strategy, broadcast information through interactive dialogue, explain broad goals, and discuss personal implications" (1997). These implications can result in both positive and negative effects within an organization depending on the way change is handled in an organization. Becker et al, also state that the most common question employees will have, when it comes to change, will be, "How does this affect me?" (Workplace Change: Managing Workplace Change, 1997). In order for employees to feel as if management has considered the implications of organizational change on employees, leaders and managers should avoid the following common mistakes when managing workplace change: "…do not rely on formal presentations and written materials; do not assume that since you 've "told them already," you don 't need to tell them again; don 't assume that change
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