Leading Educational Change

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LEADING EDUCATIONAL CHANGE Assignment 1 The purpose of this paper is to discuss the factors that have shaped my attitude and involvement in leading educational change, and to investigate how my personal ability to manage change has shaped my leadership of educational change. This discussion will be blended with examples of change in my personal life, my own leadership experience and references to the literature in the field of leading educational change. "Status quo" has always been a term with negative connotations for me. There has always been a feeling that without change, you stagnate and die, both personally and professionally. I 'm not sure whether this perspective is a personality trait, a learning style or simply a…show more content…
I have observed first hand the fight/flight responses when a long-standing principal retired and the new leader began a program of change. Many staff became aggressively resistant to the change agenda, while others simply found positions at other schools. How then do those leading educational change demonstrate understanding and encourage movement beyond these fears and this resistance? Fullan & Hargreaves (1998) have as one of their guidelines for leading change, ‘move toward the danger in forming new alliances ', and Fullan (1993) has as one of his eight basic lessons of the new paradigm of change, ‘ Problems are our Friends '. Clearly trying to ignore the fears and avoid the resistance will not create a healthy, viable change. I have found that often people who resist or fear a change, when approached for their perspective and understanding on the proposed innovation can begin to realign their position and become advocates for the change, when they sense a feeling of connectedness with the change. Wheatley (1999:5) supports this when she says "To make a system healthier, we need simply to connect it to more of itself. This means meeting together with those we have excluded or avoided, those we never dreamed were part of our system of shared interest." Change also brings hope and a sense of renewal. It reinvigorates, it inspires and is emotional.
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